At Tesco we recognize the importance of working together to create a safer, healthier, and sustainable workplace.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Our practices seek to reduce the production of all types of waste, conserve natural resources, reduce the energy consumption of our production unit and reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

In our production processes, we use the raw materials that underpin our business responsibly. We respect the planet and work towards a strategy of re-use and the use of recycled materials wherever possible.

CO2 Emissions

We have long been committed to sustainable growth. It is therefore our objective to reduce both direct and indirect CO2 emissions.


We use rainwater in the production process and in washing. We know our responsibility in the preservation of this valuable resource and, therefore, we adopt practices aimed at reducing and optimising water consumption.


We seek to implement various initiatives in our production unit to identify and eliminate air leaks and to install new management equipment.

We have adopted an Energy Consumption Rationalisation Plan (PREn) that aims to optimise energy consumption and reduce our TEP consumption.

Energy efficiency is therefore sought daily by everyone at TESCO.

At TESCO, we believe that nothing and no one represents a company better than those who are part of it. Thus, all TESCO employees play an important role within the community in which we operate. We implement, for this reason, initiatives that promote the welfare of each of our employees, but also the collective welfare of the general community and our partners.

Health and safety in the workplace

TESCO is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its associates.


The principles that regulate strategic company decisions are based on:

Commitment and constant attention to the workplace’s safety
The elimination / mitigation of work risks
Zero Accidents Policy

We pay special attention to the promotion of a safety culture and develop regular trainings and meetings involving the various sectors of TESCO.

The goal is to raise awareness, collaboration and motivation of all employees to comply with the rules and safety signs, for the prevention of occupational hazards, for the correct use of personal and collective protection equipment, among others.

Environment and Security

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